Important information in alphabetical order

All distances in the stroke saver and on the scorecard are in meters.
All approach measurements in the stroke saver are to the “T” at the front ofoutline of a compare and contrast essay what is a reflective essay the green. Stakes,100, 150, and 200 meters are to the centre of the green.

Dress code:
A reasonable standard of dress is required at all times on the course and in the clubhouse. Jeans, tee shirts, and track-suits are not permitted. Caps and hats are not permitted in the club-house. Only soft spikes are permitted in the club house.outline of a compare and contrast essay what is a reflective essay

Forcaddies will be placed on holes 2, 3, 5 and 7.

The Committee will assist with handicap adjustments in accordance with the EGA Handicap System.

Markers on the course. For text see Rules of Golf 2012-2015 and the Local Rules:

White        Stakes/Lines            Out of Bounds        Rule 27
Yellow    Stakes/Plates/Lines        Water Hazard        Rule 26
Red        Stakes/Plates/Lines        Lateral Water Hazard    Rule 26

Pace of Play:
In accordance with Rule 6-7 and Note 2 the Committee has established a guideline for the purpose of preventing slow play. The guideline can be found in this Championship Programme and will also be posted on the official notice board for the Championship.

Pin Placements – information:
The “entrance” to each putting green is marked with “T”.
The “T” marks the point where the line of ideal approach stroke meets the front of the putting green, a point that not necessarily is on the edge of the green. On the opposite side of the putting green there will be a dot corresponding to the line of the ideal approach and “T”. The position of the hole will be measured by paces in depth from the front and from the side. Front is the distance from “T” along, or parallel to, the line of ideal approach. Side is the distance from the nearest edge /left/right) of the green – at right angels to the line of ideal approach.

Practice areas:
Chipping and Pitching green:
Chipping and Pitching green is next to the range.

Putting Green:
Putting green for practice is outside the clubhouse and next to the range.

Players will be provided with special cards that they can use at the driving range to collect range balls. Play is only permitted within the marked area for each day.

Practice Play on Championship Course from July 10 and 11:
Players are limited to one ball during practice rounds within exceptions and guidance as per the following:

a)    If a player misses his approach shot to the putting green he may play one additional stroke to the putting green.
b)    No more than three chip shots onto the putting green are allowed
c)    Chipping practice must not damage the course and any marks on the putting green must be repaired.
d)    No more than two bunker shots from any bunker are allowed
e)    Bunkers must be raked
f)    Any of the above exemptions are only valid if no players are waiting behind

Practice Play from July 12 to 14:
From July 12 to 14 any practice play on the Championship Course is not permitted before or after any stipulated round. Practice play is only permitted in designated areas.

Rakes for the bunkers should be placed outside the bunkers in areas where they are least likely to affect the movement of the ball.

Scores will be collected by volunteers during play and after holes:
On 4th tee for holes 1 to 3
On 7th tee for for holes 4 to 6
On 10th tee for for holes 7 to 9
On 13th tee for for holes 10 to 12
On 16th tee for for holes 13 to 15
Please assist the volunteers by reporting scores.
The volunteers have mobile phones and they are able to contact the Committee.

Tee markers:
The Championship tee markers are white.

Other Information:

Restaurant facilities are available at the official hotel and there are also many restaurants within walking distance from the hotel, in the city centre. Teams can contact Team Hosts for more information or recommendations.
The restaurant at the golf club will provide breakfast and lunch. Teams can purchase food tickets for the whole Championship at the restaurant. The official hotel will also be serving breakfast for players.

Food Preferences:
Players who have food preferences are asked to notify the staff at the helpdesk during registration.

Golf Bags:
Golf bags may not be stored at the golf club.

Golf Shop:
The golf shop provides a wide range of golf equipment and clothing during the Championship.

Live Scoring:
There will be live scoring following each 3rd hole during play.

Lockers will be available for all players. Contact the desk in the clubhouse for further information. Keys to lockers must be returned at the end of the championship.

Medical Service:
Medical service will be provided during the whole Championship.

Official Notice Board:
The official notice board for the Championship will be situated close to the helpdesk. There will also be a notice board for information about starting times, result list, shuttle information etc. in the reception of the hotel.

Score board:
The official score board will be placed next to the clubhouse.

Shuttle service:
A shuttle service between the official hotel and the golf club will be arranged.
The shuttle between the official hotel and the golf club takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes by car. Please look at the official timetable for the shuttle service.

Complementary bottled still water and fruit will be provided during the Championship.

A website has been designed for the Championship. Live scoring, photos, articles and other relevant information about the Championship will be shown on the website. This is the link to the website: