Golf Iceland

People find it sometimes difficult to get information about golf and Iceland. On this page we have collected some facts which might be of help.

The population of Iceland is 319.575 as 1st. of  January 2012, whereas the population of Greater Reykjavík area is 201.585 or 63 %.

Golf courses:
There are 65 golf courses throughout the country whereas 17 of them are 18 hole golf courses and 50 are 9 hole golf course, all of them are available to visitors. In Greater Reykjavík area there are 10 golf courses whereas 5 of them are 18 hole courses and 5 are 9 hole courses.

Golf players:
There are 16.000 golfers registered in golf clubs in Iceland. According to public surveys from Capacent  Research about 40.000 individuals play golf every year or about 10 % of the population in Iceland.

Length of the golf season:
The golf season in Iceland generally runs from late May to early September.

Midnight golf:
Midnight golf is generaly playable between early June and later part of July.

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