Spectator Advice

We ask the spectators to take in consideration, that the players first wish and duty in championship is to compete. That’s why it’s not allowed to distract players with a wish to get their autographs, except after the end of the competition.


Taking pictures and filming is allowed only aim at yourself. The pictures made during the day from official photographer can be seen on the same day from www.emcht.golficeland.org

Medical aid

Medical aid is receivable on the clubhouse during the whole competirion. If there is an emergency, you should inform the organizers. The organizers can be recognized by the orange shirts and hats.


Spectators priced catering takes place on the tent in front of the clubhouse.


Spectators can park their cars behind the club gate on the clubhouse parking lot.


Most of the clubhouse during the competition is under competitors command. Restaurant is reserved, and only competitors or organizers can go there with their identity cards. For visitors there are opened golf shop, Info and WC on the first floor.

Lost things

You can get all lost things that have founded during the championship from clubhouse.


We thank you for your understanding, when you meet our security service and control. Medical aid is provided from the organizers, but everybody answers for their health themselves. For reminder: windproof clothing, fitting shoes and if you hear word “fore”, then find a shade fast behind the nearest tree, house etc. – there is a real danger of getting hit by the ball.

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